Friday, May 26, 2017

Thanks Stephen! Here is some inspiration for the week end, and hell, use it the rest of your life too. Adolfo Almarez lost his legs at age 12. It's not slowing him down. Sooooo... what can be slowing you down if you can be inspired?

At the age of only 12, in Dec 2000, leaving a basketball tournament in Argentina, the school bus suffered a serious wreck. Three of his companions lost their lives and Adolfo his two legs.

He focused on finding a discipline that would allow him to be competitive, but not in the Paralympic sphere. He wanted the big leagues and he got it. "I am the only rider in the world that is racing in the Elite category with two prostheses."

During his recovery he received a powerful message, full of values ​​and tools, that motivates him to return to normal life. Today Adolfo uses the motivational talks and his bicycle to share the message to the world and demonstrate by example that there are no limits.

Maybe most of you don't need inspiration, but I do. So, I'm sharing what I find inspirational, not to flood the blog with story after story of wheelchairs, amputees, and struggles to overcome trauma.... but to boost my mood with some awesome stuff. Some days that is Ken Block, or Travis Pastrana, or monster truck drivers doing insane stunts for the 1st time, and then there are weeks like this one, where it's BMX riders who don't have 2 legs.

For anyone reading this that is annoyed by the heavier than usual biking posts, or amputee inspirational story posts, just stick around and read on to the rest of the post, no doubt I'll be back to the usual stuff for quite a while.

For all the rest of the people reading along that are saying to themselves, wow, I had no idea this many people were out there working past the challenge of being without a leg, or stuck in a wheelchair but going off road in a Polaris RZR, then for you readers I want to let you know that I post awesome inspirational stories like this when I can find them, just click on the "Awesome" tab for more.


  1. Thanks. I had no idea the story behind that photo. Truly inspiring.

    1. I'm not accepting any thanks from you on this story man, it's all thanks to you!