Thursday, May 25, 2017

the bar is raised pretty high to make a biking movie, so, for anyone to just release a 45 second preview, and expect you to be so overcome you'll pay to see it... are they crazy?

Or do they dazzle you enough to want to pay to see their 40 minute movie. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but I ain't paying to see it based on this.

The film will debuted its world premiere in Fairclough’s home city of London, England on April 13th, then went on the movie publicity circuit, including a public screening at Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, then Munich, Barcelona, Madeira and South Africa throughout May.

 A global release is scheduled for May 30th through iTunes and other digital platforms. Pre-order is available now through Vimeo On Demand.


  1. Dedicated mtbr here, and I agree with you.

    First of all the movie is only going to appeal to a limited slice of the general population, and the same within the mtb community. I'm guessing that the riders out there that are heavily into the race scene might be really excited to see this, but for the average rider (who is very unlikely to be doing any riding looking like that on the teaser) there are other (cheaper) ways to watch pro riders doing tricks, thanks to Youtube, Vimeo and others.

    It's like any niche sport, the audience is limited yet diverse enough that it's not exactly a slam dunk to put stuff on film that is able to appeal to a significant percentage. It seems that there are mtb films periodically released that feature the top echelon riders doing their best in exotic locations, but the bike films that make a lasting impact are the ones that take a different approach - like 'Ride the Divide' (which really did appeal to non-riders quite a bit).

    Good luck to the film makers. The cinematography looks top notch.

    Steve Z