Monday, March 13, 2017

Some cars are known for a variety of things, and others, for just one. The 1971 Dodge 3700GT of Spain is known for being blown up during a 1973 assassination

The political career of Luis Carrero Blanco reached its zenith in June 1973 upon being named the Prime Minister of Spain and made a top deputy to Franco.

It seemed he would succeed the ailing dictator.

6 months later the seperatist group ETA (Basque community left wingers) supplied by the USA military with explosives, bombed the road from the church he attended mass at.

The car was instantly regarded as armored, but it isn't, for it's remarkable rugged endurance of the explosion... the left turn signal still works. 100Kg of dynamite, and several anti tank grenades, exploded under it. 2 of the 3 occupants survived the initial blast, for a little while.

The car was lifted over 20meters off the round

this is what it looked like before the bomb.

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