Thursday, March 16, 2017

I had an idea of how to improve racing in the dark, especially on the Baja 1000, when jackasses screw with the route markers, and try to get the racers lost.

I was just watching Dust to Glory, and I was wondering, why don't they mark the route with glowing paint that only reacts to a certain headlight?

Like blacklight makes certain liquids and minerals glow if the light is shined on the stuff, but the stuff won't glow at any other time for any other light.

I was watching the documentary movie, and they were mentioning how the spectators had messed with the route markers in the dark.

Then they had some racers get lost for 30 minutes to an hour while looking for the ballpark finish line.

So, since no one will be able to see the marked out route by eye, the jackasses that want to screw up the race for the racers in the dark wouldn't be able to keep the racers from finding it.

They simply wouldn't be able to find or remove the glow in the dark painted sand, rocks, etc etc.

The stuff would not last long in the sun, day after day, and no one else would ever have the right lights to make the stuff glow.

So - no trace left behind, no one to claim it's make the race route graffittied, or uglied up Mexico.

And on the upside, all the racers would be able to see the route no matter how many rotten people try to screw with them.

Just an idea. After all, the route has to marked for the racers anyway, why not do a better job of it for the 8 hours or so they race in the dark? 

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