Saturday, March 18, 2017

far out space age Sinclair gas station of the 1964 Worlds Fair. Amazing that they thought we'd have such nice designs instead of penny pinching looking cheap stations. They had hope back when things were good

This Sinclair station was a special edition, built for the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair.

This picture is from the wonderful 1966 book
 A Great Name in Oil : Sinclair Through Fifty Years.


  1. Remember when the only non-automotive things you could buy at a gas station were cigarettes, pop, and candy bars? You could get your car fixed at 'em too. I remember when the first quickie mart opened up in my hometown, back in the early '70's. I said, "That will never work! Who's gonna buy groceries at a gas station?" Boy, was I wrong!!!

  2. 1964. At 22 years of age and living in North-East, NJ My friends and I attended the world's fair in Flushing Meadows numerous times, but I can't seem to remember this station.

  3. The Sinclair exhibit is my only memory of the World's Fair. (I was 4). The dinosaurs looked scary real!