Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mannesmann, a 1920s car company in Germany I've never heard of before, built under license of Rickenbaker

Mannesmann produced about 2,000 units of its small four-cylinder engine until 1927. But realizing how many German brands opted during those years (late 20s) to create eight-cylinder motor cars, as did the Americans who entered in the German market, he also wanted to create a luxury car.

In 1927 he presented his 2.4 Liters 9/55 hp, with eight-cylinder engine of two blocks in line, manufactured entirely in Germany but under American license of Rickenbacker.

The majority of the bodies were made by Karmann

But soon, several problems with suppliers, a misjudgment of the real possibilities in the market and, above all, the arrival of the economic crisis of the late twenties, forced the German brand to stop production of its luxury dream car after having made just under 200 units, and to close its car factory in 1929. Little is known today of these vehicles.

The Büsssing consortium, which kept the factory open a little while to supply spare parts to the many Mannesmann-Mulag still in circulation.

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