Sunday, January 15, 2017

think you'll ever need to escape from a submerged car, or slice off your seatbelt? Cheap cool tool news alert

This tool will NOT break windshields or other windows made of LAMINATED glass. Some vehicles have laminated side windows. On these vehicles the ResQMe will still function on the rear window.


  1. Last week a lady in a newer Chev had her car catch on fire.She was trapped as the electric door locks and windows wouldn't work.The local T.V. stations (Seattle) showed a LEO beating the quack out of her side window and was getting nowhere with his baton.This must be the reason why...He and a neighbor lady pulled her out safe through a head size hole..

    1. Damn, proof that a tool is needed. I've posted in the past that it's really hard to break a side window, and why, and you'd think all cops would know that you can't hit them with a baton in the middle to get them to break, you have to kit in the corners and edges...