Wednesday, January 18, 2017

RJ Anderson's new Polaris off road craziness video, XP1K4 is delayed due to rain

He finally posted to facebook late night west coast time, after I'd given up on him, or anyone connected to the project, telling fans why the release date came and went without a video:

On another note, I've had many reach out about #xp1k4. First of all I'm stoked so many people can't wait to see it! However, the rain in SoCal has a different opinion haha. We're are still grinding away making the best video possible.

so, it's not been cancelled, just delayed due to a very wet winter. The last 3 or 4 were very dry, and this long rainy season has been a welcome surprise to southern California, but interfered with filming outdoors


  1. Have you heard anymore updates about this? It's now almost 2 months late.

    1. Rockstar hasn't had an update in weeks. About 4 or 5 weeks ago they said, delayed for rain, last week I went and looked around, and they hadn't refreshed anything. It's been raining here every weekend for months, and they simply aren't getting any progress I suppose. It sucks that Rockstar can't man up and talk about it though


    3. yeah, no shit, 2 months late. I posted about it two days ago... so, thanks for checking the latest