Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ford GT40 Class – 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance


  1. Thanks Jesse...sniff.

    1. Mike! How ya been! Ya know, every time I post GT 40s I think back to you telling me how much you like them!

  2. I ran a car wash a little while back and had a client who had a few nice cars. A Ferrari, an R8 Audi and a GT40.
    Never able to help myself, and with the owners ok. I would take them out for a little drive on occasion.
    The Ferrari and R8 were cool to drive, but the GT40 got ALL the babes attention. I remember thinking how much damage a young single guy and a GT40 could do to a population.

    1. lots of boring cars? Or mostly cooler more expensive cars? That's great that you got to drive them, it's rare that anyone not rich enough to collect supercars gets to drive them.

  3. Lots and lots of boring abused and neglected cars, but occasionally you got to meet some very interesting people that gave you faith.
    It was right on the edge of an eff..affluent area. There was a lot of new money trying to slot in beside the old money, but there was no comparison.
    Once I was busted when I took a 911 Carrera for a drive around the block in a rather spirited manner. The owner, who was at least in his late sixties and standing in the drive way as I returned. Was laughing and told me "You looked good in that, you should get one".
    I also had a client who was a judge. Peter was into horses and owned a large property in Montana. At around seventy, He drove one of the last V12 Jaguar XJS convertibles. Once I asked him if the V12 was a good choice, given they had such a bad reputation...Well, We got talking.
    "You would have liked my last car, It was a Jensen Interceptor" He said.
    What package did you have? I asked.
    "The Chrysler one." He proclaimed. "I remember it was a seven liter and had three carburetors across the top....I remember it said in the manual not to accelerate too heavily at 120 mph, as it would spin the tyres".
    Did it? I asked.
    "Oh my god yes" was the response "It was excellent".
    I asked him why he sold it. I was told he wore it out.
    I asked him if he needed a son.

    1. Wow, how bad did your guts bind up when you felt busted on returning to see the 911 owner waiting for you? !

  4. For a brief moment your shitting bricks.
    But then they laugh and ask you "How was that?"

    He was old money and owned a Hotel in the city, the Porsche was just a car to him. "Its a car, Drive it." He would say.