Saturday, December 31, 2016

snow chain type products you might consider if you need to drive through areas that require chains

the music can be annoying, and there isn't anything else to listen to, so turn on the radio while watching this video

here is the list of the products in this video:
michelin easygrip
Mita tire chain
Spikes Spider
anti skid chain from Sunsky
Silent Spike

if anyone has other recommended and proven product you can swear will save the day, let me know in the comments section


  1. We tow our fifth wheel trailer with a Volvo tractor. I carry a set of these emergency chains:

    Although the best prevention is avoid the bad weather! We're in Tucson for the winter now!

    1. thanks! But the only reason people need them is because they can't avoid the bad roads... I'm just trying to get people info that might help