Thursday, December 29, 2016

a 1940 Ford cutaway chassis and running gear bought from Iowa state university in 1994, it was offered to the Henry Ford Museum who declined to accept it, thinking they already had one. They don't, they have an Oldsmobile.

a trainer and driver’s education instructor at the university that was employed by the school from the 1950’s well into the 1980’s claimed that he was very familiar with the chassis and that he had, in fact, used the chassis as a teaching tool starting in around 1957. They used the chassis for decades until sometime in the 1980’s.


  1. An outstanding piece of history.

  2. Is it nuts that I love how this is still around and in such good shape?

    1. not to me, it made my day to run across it! I figure it's cherry from just laying around and getting looked at. Sitting in one collection or another.

  3. What does that say about the curators at the Ford Museum?

    " I had to wind the call up, that lunch truck doesn't hang around all day you know. " Head of Acquisitions.

  4. wow!

    thats a nice piece of history
    think of the man hours it took to cut out all that