Tuesday, December 27, 2016

a couple dozen cars stolen from a car dealership inventory storage lot in Torrence. How? No security, no GPS tracking device installed, just penny pinching morons running the show letting many thieves get away with new Infinitis and Nissans

15 people have been arrested in the theft of approximately 40 cars from a Torrance dealership.

According to Torrance and Redondo Beach police, over a period of several weeks, multiple cars were stolen from a former Costco parking lot

the cheap dealership trying to save a couple hundred dollars by not having any security at all on the car lot, and no alarms on the cars, wasn't even aware for 6 weeks that the cars were stolen until investigators informed the dealership that stolen cars were used in a police chase in which two accused gang members were arrested, said Barry Wishengrad, managing partner for Nissan and Infiniti of South Bay.

Police said the gang members broke into lockboxes on the cars, took car keys and just drove away. That means, there was no security system of any kind on the car. No GPS tracker either, and no security on the parking lot. No cameras, no fence.


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