Friday, July 29, 2016

the incredibly wealthy, they do buy nice cars...

Lynn Park, a recognized expert in Cobras, is prepping CSX 3346 for Pebble Beach. It has less than 3000 miles on it, and has been treasured like King Tut's sarcophagi for since it was first bought in 1968, in the few last few dozen of the original production run. If anyone had ever enjoyed it, they would have driven it.

Now owned by Evan Metropoulos, brother of Daren, who had Chip Foose build the Terracuda and bought the Playboy Mansion, son of C. Dean Metropoulos, 2 billionaire who convinced rockabilly hot rodders that Pabst was good tasting, and who bought up Hostess when they went bankrupt.

CSX 3346 still has its initial invoice, most of its original belts and hoses, factory spark plug wires and engine compartment and drive train markings, plus the same Goodyear Blue Dot tires it left the production line on.

The New York Times says that Evan will be making a car museum in Van Nuys.


  1. What!!! You don't think Pabst is good tasting?? HaHa. Been meaning to thank you for all your great posts! Well done.

    1. thanks! This week has not been a good one for posts though, very little good quality stuff this week... I've had to split my attention to posting Comic Con content on my other sites.