Tuesday, July 26, 2016

1968 Firebird vs 1968 GTO

In 1968, a Pontiac Firebird equipped with a Ram-Air 400 V8 made a claimed 325 horsepower,
while the same exact engine in a GTO made 360.

Why? GM had a rule in the 1960s that its cars couldn't make more than 1 horsepower for every 10 pounds of car (the only common exception being the Corvette, the other secret exception were 427 SS Chevelles sold on Indian reservations). The Firebird weighed around 3300 lb, while the GTO weighed 3600, hence the discrepancy.



  1. That should be 1 hp for every 10 pounds of car.

    1. Popular mechanics needs you to edit for them! Good catch! I'll correct my text, but PM is still going to have an error on their article. Thanks!