Tuesday, July 26, 2016

a high top 1971 Caddy ambulance

This example was purchased new from S&S by the Fanwood, N.J., Rescue Squad and delivered in GM's Casablanca yellow. Used until the late 1970s, it was sold to Palm Harbor Fire Rescue in Palm Harbor, Fla., where it resided for a year before being sold to SAS Ambulance Service in Belleair Beach, and was used until the firm went under in 1989. A private owner bought it before selling it to Dauer for use at his Florida Medical Center.

The hospital was eventually sold, but Medic I had a place in the doctor's heart. He sent it for a full restoration in 1999.

Passenger car-based ambulances were short-lived after the early 1970s. The 1973 EMS Systems Act standardized requirements to a new federal ambulance specification that required the use of small trucks, vans and van chassis with modular compartment construction. Passenger car-based ambulances were specifically excluded from 1979 onward.


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