Wednesday, July 27, 2016

reasons the Monroney Sticker estimated mpg numbers are off

The EPA doesn’t require distinct certifications of every vehicle variant.

So a model variant such as the Camaro SS, with its numerically higher gearing and sticky tires, flies under the radar and wears the same window sticker as its more common — and surely more efficient — linemates.

The driver in the car can get as much as 5% better numbers by softly and slowly accelerating though the test procedure, the smoother the driving, the better the MPG readings.

David Friedman, senior engineer and deputy director of vehicles program for the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests getting the accurate info from the cars data collection computer, across the country, and posting that real world data on the Monroney, and ditch the fuel economy tests completely.

But, Honda’s Bienenfeld, pointed out that such data might disadvantage automakers (like Honda) that sell lots of cars to younger, more aggressive drivers.


  1. Way, way back in the 80's, when I was a salesman at a Chevy dealership, I noticed that the EPA mileage sticker numbers on similar vehicles were the same, regardless of rear axle gear ratios. I always wondered why. Now, I know.

    1. do you have great stories from that time? Particular customers or problem cars?