Wednesday, July 27, 2016

new California law will result in temp plates and get rid of the slip of paper in the window for new car purchases

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday requiring that newly purchased vehicles display temporary license plates.

The bill aimed to stop toll-road cheats and ensure law enforcement officers can identify vehicles on the road. California currently requires only a small notice of sale, which can't be read or photographed from a distance, to be displayed on a vehicle while the owner is waiting for permanent plates.

Drivers were cheating at toll plazas by driving through with no license plates or Fastrak units, so there was no way to make the drivers pay. Using data obtained from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the reports showed that uncollected tolls were resulting in more than ten million dollars in lost annual revenue for the state.

The old method of temp registration paperwork taped to the inside of the windshield also posed a public safety hazard according to police frustrated by cases where criminals were able to commit crimes and then get away from law enforcement officers with no license plate to track.

Anyone who buys a car from a new or used dealer in California will get their vehicle with a temporary paper license plate already put in place and linked to that specific vehicle. Each year, about 2 million new vehicles are purchased in California.

The new law is expected to take effect January 1, 2019.


  1. I grew up in LA and drove an El Camino with a 454 that would not pass smog (late '80's - early '90's).rather than fix the issues, I got temp stickers for enough months to get through the year (they were numbered for the month, but no year stamps). When I paid registration every year, I was told it needed to be smogged. Instead, I swapped out the window stickers, and made excused when I got pulled over. This became a game I played for 5 YEARS! I did get the truck smogged, however. I gave a guy in a bar my registration and $25, and in one hour I had a certificate!

    1. Damn! You are the man! I owe you a beer!