Friday, October 17, 2014

Public, or Private... your driving in the USA regarding surveilance cameras and data collecting by police

Monroe County, N.Y police have been using high-speed cameras to capture license plates in order to log vehicle whereabouts.

In the Supreme Court’s 2012 ruling in U.S. v. Jones, a GPS tracking case, the court held that individuals do have an expectation of privacy when it comes to their long-term whereabouts, even when using public roads.

As of July, the County’s database contained 3.7 million records, with the capability to add thousands more each day. The justification for cops having records of the whereabouts of law-abiding citizens is that the vehicles are driven in public and therefore drivers have no expectation of privacy.

Last summer, Rochester, N.Y.’s "Democrat and Chronicle" filed a state open records request on two city and county government vehicles.

The request was denied on the basis that releasing the data could be an invasion of personal privacy or could interfere with a law enforcement investigation.

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