Thursday, January 02, 2014

the 1967 Super Mustang (built by Ford) sleek slingshot dragster with windtunnel testing that debuted at the 1967 Winternats

info and photos from:

it was driven by Tom Mc Ewen, who barely fit in it...

above images found on taken at the Meadow Brook Concours and a larger gallery can be found at

 take a look at this guy trying to get out of the office below:

The car was sold in 1968 to Mickey Thompson, were it stayed in his huge collection until his death in 1988. The car was fully restored by its previous owner in 2003 and just sold at auction in 2009


  1. Jesse, I remember seeing this racer in either Car Craft or Hot Rod magazine when it first appeared from the factory. Talk about factory participation, this was "it"! And is that the big 427 Ford Shot Gun, with over head cam and mechanical fuel injection powering it? What a cool design. Got a chuckle out of the guy trying to get out. Wasn't you was it?

    1. I read somewhere that it was the cover of Car Craft. No, not me. If I'd ever seen that car in person I'd have dozens of photos in a gallery to post of it!

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