Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I know few of you care, but I post what I find very cool, and this notification to "guest post writers" is the most dead on thing I've seen in a while

We get a lot of inquiries about guest posting here in The Garage, so we thought we should clear a few things up.
First off, we love guest posts, but only if you are:
  • A real person.
  • A real car, bike, boat or whatever fan who thinks they have something great to share.
  • An aspiring auto writer who is looking for a bit of exposure to build your own brand.
  • An actual automotive writer who has something cool to share that doesn’t fit the mold of your regular outlet.
  • A car club who wants to share cool stuff about a club event or even promote an upcoming event. In that case, send photos or video from last year’s event.
We do not want your guest post if you are:
  • A company.
  • A representative of a company looking to promote your online presence through link sharing.
  • A content aggregator who creates content for clients as in the previous line.
  • No, you can’t pay us to contribute your crappy content to in any way promote anyone’s product.
To all you businesses who do guest pasts for your clients, you do know that the google still hates that stuff and punishes independent site owners for participating. We know you know and don’t give a shit. We know too, and we do give a shit because we have been burned before.
I just get a full belly laugh from this, because the bullshit on the internet never ends, and scammers are always trying to push their crap to get website traffic and links etc etc. I get a half dozen to a dozen requests a week  from "guest post" types. I think I've only posted the content 2wice because someone did their home work and made a good content post. 

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