Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Santa, Forget my previous list... I GOTTA have one of these!

Just think Segway of self powered skateboards. No pushing, pumping, or pedaling. Lean forward, it's moving forward. Lean back, and regenerative braking kicks in, slows you and if you stay leaned back, you will go back in the other direction

Onewheel :: The Self-balancing electric skateboard from Onewheel HQ on Vimeo.  says
This personal transporter should be part of our “TOP 5 Personal Transporters” list. Start-up company Future Motion is pushing for a new kind of skateboard on Kickstarter. Onewheel has the most advanced motion sensing, hub motor and battery technology available–you just won’t see it. What you’ll experience is a board that feels magical whether for fun, waiting for the surf to come up, or getting around town.

Their homepage is at

They have a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding to build at least 100 units. Pledges get interesting at the US$1,299 mark, for which Future Motion is offering the first 20 Onewheels
 The Kickstarter page is over at  and consider that the Kickstarter cost of buying one is about 30% off the retail, maybe more, because like the Ford GT 40, these aren't going to sit in stores at MSRP, they are going to get run up for profit if current social trends have anything to do with it, bought and flipped for profit like so many gotta have it things. If they only would trade for a kidney or first born!

Gizmag covers it at

Yes, it's cool stuff like this that makes me wish I cold get to CES 

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