Wednesday, January 15, 2014

compliment of the day

from Vector:

I have always had an interest in cars/trucks/motorcycles/machines and the wealth of information/connections on the internet can make for spending way too much time exploring that passion. One site's posting can lead to a wide array of sources of material.

Case in point... Jesse, in San Diego, maintains several blogs including I go to that blog several times a day in an effort to keep up with his prolific posting efforts. Seldom am I disappointed by the his offerings. I have been guilty of grabbing something there and reposting it here without giving him credit or providing the link back to his blog.

Jesse on the other hand is very good about providing the link to the source of his posts. Last week he reblogged the image of the Schmidt motorcycle I posted on December 27th and included the link to my original posting. It was a nice gesture to include the link and as a result visits to Vectorville increased dramatically. They were most likely looking for additional information or images of the Schmidt (which I was unable to provide). However, it is possible that some of those people set a bookmark and will come back occasionally to check out my offerings.

So thank you , Jesse, and I will make more of an effort to give credit where credit is due. As in the following image from Just a Car Guy today - which is a good example of him not being just a car guy after all.

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