Thursday, April 11, 2013

"the old tools know what they're doing" The most remarkable car restoration story, a 1911 Argyll and the tools that first made it 102 years ago are reunited

simply put, the Argyll car company employed Alex's grandfather as a coach builder, and he had to bring his own tools to work. The car you see in the rest of this gallery is a 1911 Argyll, and that means it's being restored by the grandson of it's first coachbuilder.

from just one of drawers of tools (in the background)  that Alex's family has passed down from his grandfather, and there you have the tools and the car reunited, in the hands of the grandson. Remarkable!

When we were discussing his grandfathers tools, he talked about a conversation he'd had with someone, who asked about using the old tools versus new ones, and his reply? " The old tools know what they're doing"

and unfortunately, the body didn't make it through the years in very much more than a pile of driftwood

This is the same Alex that needs a Frontenac SR overhead cam and a 1909 Phoenix rear axle for a 2 cylinder 8/10hp

I just found the image of a 1915 Argyll

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  1. Nice! What a great story. And from the brief glimpses, that looks like a stunning workshop....