Monday, April 08, 2013

When at Pebble Beach, make friends, you never know where it might lead to, as Claus Muller was delighted to find out, he was invited to tour a private collection of a Maharajah

Above, the collection is partly in a roundhouse, I think it's a great way to access a large collection for a driver, I have no idea if the architect was informed that the display factor would be important

The 1914 Rolls Royce that sparked the tour invitation, was brought to the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours

Above, the original Shell gas station that is inside the palace, as the only gas engine vehicles of the time were owned by the Maharajah. Makes sense!

 While visiting India, the author of the website was also interested in seeing the local repair shops to contrast them with what he is familr with in Germany

Above a Royal Enfield repair shop, below, a bicyclist repair shop

See or read the entire post about the week in India and tour of the private collection at which I learned about from

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