Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Alex and Sandy need help finding a Frontenac SR overhead cam and a 1909 Phoenix rear axle for a 2 cylinder 8/10hp

We appreciate any help in tracking down a Frontenac SR overhead cam. We have attached a couple of photographs that show what we need. The cam sits on top of the towers which are part of a plate located on top of the cylinder head, and then there are the gears and chain drive on the front of the block.

That Phoenix is frustrating, since a stranger offered one years ago to Alex at Beaulieu (England vintage car swap meet)  before we found that car, when he was looking for a different Phoenix axle. Ads through the Veteran Car Club and a lot of personal inquiries to re-connect with that man have not helped. What we need is the rear axle for a chain drive 1909 2-cyl Phoenix 8/10hp.
(Alex and Sandy got this 1909 Phoenix but all there was left from a 100 years of neglect was the engine, radiator, and frame)

if you can help, or have a tip toward some source that might be able to help Alex and Sandy with their Phoenix or Frontenac, please email them at Phoenixphanciers@att.net 

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