Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Max Balchowsky's ol Yeller 7, 1961. (chassis tag on the next to last photo)

From left, Old Yeller IX, Old Yeller VIII, Old Yeller VII, and Old Yeller II. (Photo from Reagan Rulau) / information and photo from

from Ron Cummings: "Old Yeller VII was sold as a bare rolling chassis to Don Kirby, a driver in northern New York state. He installed some sort of a body and a Chevrolet motor. The car was raced in east coast events as "Old Yeller VII". Max, at the time, claimed no knowledge of the car because it was sold only as a chassis.

 According to Reagan Rulau, Brock Yates and some friends later installed an Ambro plastic body that looks like a Birdcage Maserati. The car now races in that configuration."

 Ron Cummings located this ad for "Old Yaller VII". It appeared in Competition Press Oct. 27, 1962 Vol. 9 No. 8: "OLD YALLER Mk 7. Latest car built by Max Balchowsky. Corvette 327 fuel-injected engine completely rebuilt. New paint, concours con- dition, over $8000 invested. Don Kirby, Dreamland Park, Rochester 22, N. Y."

If you aren't familiar with why I'm a big fan of Max Balchowski,

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