Saturday, April 13, 2013

if you tangle with a cop, have your cell phone recording it to use in a court of law. You KNOW that the cop isn't going to tell the truth about his actions, especially this jackass. Resigned AFTER being busted out of state, acting the ass. Compliments to the citizen!

to explain the situation before watching the video (skip the first minute) the driving takes plave in North Carolina, the asshole in the police car is a South Carolina sheriff, out of state, and holding up taffic but even worse, not acting professionally when the videographer waits til the freeway opens up from 2 lanes to 3, hits the right hand new lane to get around the cop in the leftmost lane, the suv being a good boy in the right lane...   so once around the traffic block caused by the cop and the suv that didn't want any problems, the jackass out of state sherriff instead of using a radio or cell phone to call locals to notify them of speeding past the posted limit videographer, pulls all the way around the guy, and hits his brakes. Causes a collision. 

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so always have your cell phone, or all cell phones in the car on video recording when tangling with cops. You already know they don't follow the laws, often break them, will arrest you in a flick of the eye, and then lie about their unprofessional behavior. You see, they break laws, act like ass hats, and then realize that they have to protect themselves from your accusations in order to keep their high paying jobs, and save their pension providing career. You have any idea how motivated that makes them to not allow you to show their illegal behavior?

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  1. He was probably able to quit his job with no charges, retain his retirement pension, receive a substantial severance package. That's the way it usually happens these days.