Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nice Mustang, and great collection of stickers and decals... but I noticed the unique treatment of the license plate, first I've seen made to look like a 1960's

Putting the Holman Moody decal across the hood this way sure grabbed my attention, but then I glanced at the plate, and noticed the aging and color treatment that they've given it, as it is not a 1960' plate, it's just the right colors. The new plates are easy to spot, because they have 7 characters. All the yellow letter on black background plates for cars were 6 characters, the first 3 were letters, the 2nd 3 were numbers. Of course the commercial vehicles (includes El Camino and Ranchero) were different and easy to distinguish from the cars plates

 also the front and back have a different texture in this aging and coloring example

pretty cool to go to this trouble to make the plates seem to be the right ones for the decade. If this car really had the black and yellow plates for a car from 1965-66 they would probably be something like ppp111 through sss-999

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  1. Very cool, yes. BUT - the first out of sorts, or needing- to-reach-the-months-quota CHP he encounters may be costly.
    Several friends and I 'personalised' our plates several years ago [painting the numbers a slightly different shade to better match/compliment the car, striping within the numbers, etc] and a couple received tickets for 'modifying / defacing license or registration plates'...
    I never did, and used the same plate up until last year when they replaced them all with a different style, but others have 'paid the price of creativity'.
    Still, very cool and his ingenuity and artistry is to be complimented.