Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 nearly identical cars show up to the Paseo Verdes Concours... that had to eliminate 2 of them from a trophy really fast.

 notice the two above even have license plates close in sequence.


  1. Aww. It’s sad that this unexpected situation can lead to immediate elimination. But, on the brighter side, those cars have been part of the main attractions of the event, which is amusing. The fact that they were able to show off their adorable cars is already a huge achievement, so congratulations still! =)

    Patrick Gauer

  2. It is pretty crazy how each of the owners seemed to have had some sort of telepathic experience to go with almost the exact same design for each of their cars! On the downside, I know it somehow upset them knowing that their car wasn’t all that unique. I know how it takes an awful lot of hard work to restore, refurbish an entry for a car show. Which ended up superior in their little battle?

    -->Erwin Calverley

    1. No, I didn't track the results, I'm just there to see what new cars I stumble across and get photos of the cool stuff. You might try looking at the Paseo Verdes Concours website, I bet they listed winners