Thursday, January 19, 2012

Iian let me know about "Gumdrop" a kids book series about a 1926 Clifton Tourer 12/4

Val Biro an illustrator wrote a series of popular childrens books about the vintage Austin "Gumdrop" he owned.

In the first four books Gumdrop suffers various indignities before being rescued and restored (at least twice),
These books contain a lot of details including cutaway drawings of the car. They are really quite charming and provide an interesting glimpse of the trendy early sixties vintage car scene

Thanks Iian!

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  1. In case you are interested, the last photograph is not in fact of the actual gumdrop. It is another Austin heavy 12/4, owned by the National Motor Museum and pictured there. When my father was visitor facilities manager there, they wanted a car to give rides to visitors in, and they sourced a car like gumdrop and painted it the same colours. This photo is taken inside the lower level of the museum, but if you visit any day during the summer there is a period dressed chauffer available to give you a tour of the grounds in their "replica" gumdrop.