Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre-1940 gas stations in the US

outside Hannibal Missouri, photo from
 Dassel Minnesota 1931
 Creston Iowa 1931
 Galena Kansas 1920

 Los Angeles 1938
 Weir Kansas
 Miami Florida 1941
 Belle Plaine Iowa 1917
 Sandford Iowa 1932
 Available for lease, in Portland Oregon, opened in 1939
Winston Salem North Carolina 1930
Found on who wanted the photo credits to go to the source he got them from,


  1. Galena and Wier, KS are within 1/2 hour from me. As soon as I get my '58 Pontiac running I plan on taking it to Wier and take some photos.

    Here's a photo of a station I took by Hannibal, MO.

  2. hi, Jesse
    Thanks for the link to my site, but the original pics are taken from: