Friday, May 06, 2011

Does anyone have advice on how to find the original owner?

A friend is trying to locate the first owner of his Super Bee, and we haven't figured out the best way to find out who it was.

I suggested a private investigator, but that could get a serious bill, and no one really has cash to burn.

Have any of you found a simple or easier way to learn who has owned your musclecar, race car, or hot rod? Particularly the first owner. I think a lot of us would like to know if they have photos, paperwork, or memories about the new owner experience of what you now own


  1. If you do a Carfax or similar VIN search that turns up accidents, you can track it to wherever it was hit last, but I'm not sure that would work with pre-standardized VINs.

  2. Most if not all US states have a form related to vehicle title history. In my state of Texas this is VTR-275 with a fee of $5.75. Varying results are available depending on state record keeping, whether the car was sold and stayed in that state, and how willing the state employee is to actually do the research. Texas goes back a maximum of three owners also. Such forms are a starting place and the newer the car the more likely the applicant will get back to who owned the car when new.