Thursday, May 05, 2011

What can be found in your dad's tool box might surprise you

if you can't see the info on the wrench, it has a number 1 on the left mouth, and the center has T-1917, and the number 2 on the right mouth. Ford Model T wrench. 94 years old.

Brad found it in his dad's tool box, in Australia, and wonders if anyone can give hime more information about it... like what the 1 and 2 nut or bolt were found on the Model T, and if the wrench is a winning lotto ticket if he sells it. Heck, I'd like to know that too!

Steve emailed me to let us know:
According to the forum at there were 3 styles of the T-1917 double end wrench. All were 5/8" by 11/16"

They sell everywhere from $5 to $10.

Description of all Model T tools here:

Model T nuts and bolts here:

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