Thursday, May 05, 2011

TireVan, sell, mount, and balance a set of tires for you when and where you like, no more going to the tire shop unless you like their waiting room

So this an option if you live near Washington DC, or Philadelphia metro area
Like the photos suggest, a wide, flat, clear area (about the size of two parking spaces) is needed so the tires can be worked on
The vans carry the Hunter mounting/breakdown machine to get the old tires off and install the new tires on the rim, plus tires, plus a Hunter balancer, and a compressor to get them inflated.

Tire price comparison, as that is half of what it takes to get my business, the price for the least expensive 215 60/15 is $85 plus costs of $30a tire ($25 per tire for installation, 5 for TPMS). That would be $230 total cost.

My go-to tire shop, Discount Tire has their low cost tires at $250 out the door, road hazard warranty included. I compared prices in 2007 at 6 tire shops around San Diego, and Discount Tire was the least expensive, and best service too:

Right now they carry 85 brands and models available in my example size, so you have options in prices and brands, I go for the least expensive when buying for my daily commuter.

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