Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pedal cars painted in panel paint lowrider style

Mother with 2 wrote in a comment "is the pink-ish red car is for sale? if so, how much including shipping to Alabama? Thanks."  Mother with 2, I don't know, I took the photo 2 years ago, I don't check about selling or shipping costs. I just take the pictures of things I like, and share them. If you want a similar pedal car, the paint will cost a lot, its extremely high quality, and you should buy from ebay, or online stores and they will tell you the costs before a similar paint job, that is between you and the best local painter you can find

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  1. Hi is the pink-ish red car is for sale? if so, how much including shipping to Alamaba?

  2. Beautiful car.I have a chance to buy a nice one for 200.00.Any comments

    1. it's so subjective... the important factors are how much disposable income, what you will do with it, or if it will just be placed out of sight and never seen again, or taken to shows, painted and polished... will buying it get you more into your hobby and happiness or just 200 poorer.

  3. Where could I buy one of these???

  4. Please help. Im trying to get or make a lowrider pedal car for my first Grandbaby, hopefully a 62 Impala cause i just give my oldest son my 62 Implala do to him being the first ever in my family to Graduate. N now he is making me a Grandpa for the first time. Please some one hit me up if u know any info. manuelstopnserve@gmail.com