Thursday, April 01, 2010

The coolest cars that Pace Pirate has posted

Don't know what it is, but they did a great job with it ( Volvo!)

I think this Tempo has an awesome look, sorta VW micro bus lowered, but that split windshield is very reminiscent of the Santa Fe locomotive for a gallery of it:
That is just the greatest thing you can do to a street racer!

Above Cougar is just a computer drawing, but an incredible design anyway

Has to be a mocked up photo

This would be fantastic in a 2 door


Don't know what it is, want it.

The Reventon Scarabs and transporter

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  1. Hello! The first car is a Volvo Amazon ore 121 i think it was named in Europe and USA
    The second yallow car is a Tempo(i think) made in Gemany i belive it is based on VW Transport.