Saturday, August 23, 2008

Daytona Florida's annual Turkey Run, hot rod show

You and I must love the same sort of unusual stuff, and hot rods, and race stuff... or we wouldn't both look at the stuff I have here, right?

Well, you will enjoy his writing more, and his photos just as much, and for a great description by one who's been there, let me turn you over to John at

Cool light green, wonder what it started as? Early 50 shoebox Ford? I was close! It's a 49 Aussie Ford Ute... Thanks to Dan for knowing right where to get the story... in Mike Kelly’s Cruise News, author Ken Caskey of Kidd Darrin’s Restorations & Custom Built Cars in Melbourne, Florida spotlighted the Ford Ute.
Hot rodded Chrysler Airflow or Airstream!
Ummm, Opel? Alfa? Nope... Dan got this one too! First the Ute then this one! Man's on a roll... this is a Saab 96... for a photo of a stock one to compare it with
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  1. since you've got the comments going I can answer some of your queries:
    the ute:

    the other one is a Saab 96

  2. that bus is mean, it used to be the one of the lowest non bagged buses out there... then he hit a manhole lol.

  3. jesse:

    check out my blog a little later tonite. I will post some of my pics from the TurkeyRodRun.

  4. Sorry...

  5. I am looking for some history on the 1988 Turkey Run. Any ideas where I could start? I am looking for details about a '29 Ford Model A Roadster that was given away. Any help is appreciated. The car was built by Magoos and upholstry by Denny Nish with all the B & M accessories and transmission. Thanks...