Friday, August 13, 2021

one of the two Mack dump trucks that built Hoover Dam are still around. The restored one is painted red and the other, is in the Campo, California rusty truck museum, the Motor Transport Museum

 I was at the museum 8 years ago, and didn't hear about it, but Roadtripper Sanna Bowman was just there last year and learned about it. Didn't get a photo of it though.


  1. WOW! For an old truck sales person, this is a treat. Chain-driven Macks were noisy vehicles. There were models with hard rubber tires that would bounce the dickens out of the drivers, so much so that during construction season, these men were rendered temporarily sterile from all of the jostling to the scrotum. I did not see a heater door on the dash unless it is the vertical black item on the passenger side. These trucks had the radiators at the rear of the engine as one can see by the driver's side. When they were built with the radiator directly behind the engine, the can was equipped with doors on the dash on the lower end that when opened, allowed the heat of the radiator to heat the cab. Thanks for this treasure to be viewed. Love it.

    1. you're sure welcome, I live to serve, and entertain!

  2. Another unrestored dump truck is on display in Heritage Park (Calgary, Alberta, Canada): it is one tough old unit that demands the respect of visitors.