Thursday, August 12, 2021

This is not cool, it is news though, that I think it's necessary to put out there. It's a sorry and sad situation that illustrates the strange people we share the roads with. Someone is printing Nazi masks, and doing door to door sales at gas stations to stock their shelves with them


in Ft Lauderdale Florida, a gas station had these on the shelves. 

They were bought up, and tossed in the garbage, but the news has spread the word so you're aware of what's going on out there, which doesn't represent the brand of gas sold at the pump, nor does it reflect on the station manager, or cash register attendant. 

It's simply opportunists making a variety of mask designs, selling them in bulk to the station, which simply exists to profit on sales in the store, as the margin on gas profits is slim. 

So, that's the news folks, it's a sad situation indeed. But I thought you ought to be notified.


  1. “You don’t know what a swastika is?”
    “Trust me, I have no idea,”

    What the actual fuck?!

  2. surprised it hasn't been reported earlier.