Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Ruxton, painted with stripes at the factory so they stood out among all other cars parked near them, they were only made for 2 years, the majority were assembled at the Moon Motor Car Company of St. Louis, some were assembled at Kissel, only 96 were made in total


if you'd like to read about them:


  1. From the encyclpoedia of Motorcars, page 544. The company was "New Era Motors". They were front wheel drive with a 4.4 litre Continental straight eight engine.

    1. the company that was formed to make them, yes. But if you'd like to read about them: this article has a lot of the info, such as what you commented with, and then so much more. I kept my post simple, to highlight just the items that I thought was most interesting. What it looks like, and where it was unexpectedly made. I don't think anyone will care about the engine, and since only about 96 were made, and only about 1/3rd still exist, I don't think anyone will care that it was front wheel drive.
      I think the looks are startling, and that they didn't have their own started out from scratch factory, but instead were a result of skullduggery, and corporate takeovers, is.