Sunday, September 13, 2020

this was why in the 80s the country was all saying "don't do drugs, drugs are bad" well... this happened, and I'm sure the drugs caused it


the hood pins can be excused, but the rims? Those horrible hood scoops? 

Keep them kids in school and away from the drugs!


  1. Well.... if the previous owner wasn't doing drugs they should be. Checked the link and this is a single carb, not a cross flow so this was just for 'looks.'

  2. Maybe it was a B engine that had the dual quads on the newer narrow cross ram intake manifold, so the owner staggered the scoops to match the carbs. The car is a 66 or 67 but in an earlier version, say maybe 1960, the cross ram manifold(s) were much wider, putting the carbs above or beside the valve covers, out near the fender wells.