Friday, May 31, 2019

barely alive man was found in a Hellcat trunk today, at the Manheim Auto Auction, has been identified as a fugitive from New York

The man was identified as Leon Cyheime Parks, 25, of Bronx, New York, Northern Lancaster County Regional Police said. After being found by an auction employee, Parks, who police said was semi-responsive, was taken to a hospital for treatment. Afterward, he was taken to Lancaster County Prison to await extradition to New York.

 According to police, Parks arrived in the trunk of Dodge Challenger Hellcat that was among a load of vehicles brought from the New York City area.

Darren Leeds told LNP he opened the trunk of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat from the New York City area to photograph it, "and there was a guy in there."

Leeds says he ran to get water for the man, who he says wasn't moving much.


  1. Have you found anything interesting when photographing cars, or do you only work on the new models?

    1. Huh? Me? What?
      have I found anything interesting? Ummm, you mean other than the thousands of photos of interesting things I've posted from concours, car shows, cruises, and neighborhood stuff?
      Work on new models? Errrr, at work? My job as a dealership photographer?
      Because I don't post much on new cars.
      So, I wish your question had more words to direct me towards understanding what you're asking for..
      in context of the post you used for this comment, a guy hiding in a trunk to escape the cops, no, I've never found that level of crazy.
      I've found a kitten hiding in the engine compartment of a Durango... at my current job. I've found a ridiculous amount of factory defects, and one blown transmission, etc.
      When I was a military base security guard in 2008/09, when ever that was, about 10 years ago, as a vehicle inspector I found things that were on the list of items not allowed on the military base, like a knife in the door pocket for self defense, a 5th of gin, bullets, porn, and some incredible portable radios that drivers made so they had some great music, cds, XM, and speakers all in a tool box for what ever truck they were assigned to drive...

  2. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant in your job at the dealership. Since the guy in the story was taking pictures of the auction cars, it seemed like a good question.

    1. ah, I photograph new and used, but only after the detailers have cleaned them,... though I did find the drivers license of a guy in detroit last year, if fell between the seats, coincidentally, so did my spare camera battery! Or I would never have found it! He'd already had to get a new one, as he has to have it with him on the job moving cars all day every day