Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Logs cabins, and snowshows tucked in behind the spare tire, well... that must be Canada! Near Englehart


  1. wish someone could identify all the cars in the top photo

    love the one in the center

  2. you can if you take enough time. I could too. I just have better things to do, then to take the hours it would require, to identify these cars. It's ridiculously time consuming, and the only payoff is a fraction of a second when someone read what the vehicle is, thinks to themselves, oh.... and then moves along.
    I'm guessing it's a Willys Knight, or a Wills Sainte Claire

    1. Yes, 1931-32 Willys-Knight 66D I think - a rare car. The car at the car end is a Graham-Paige 8 of some sort - maybe the lesser 827 as it doesn't look big enough to be the big 837. Note the hood louvres only go part way along. Between those tow car is a Ford A. I was going to say Chevrolet for the closest one but that looks like a Graham-Paige hubcap on the rear wheel. The second one along is more of a mystery. It looks a lot like the 1930 Erskine that a friend of mine owns but I am not sure. I hope someone will pick it by that distinctive rear bumper.

    2. did you know you can click on the link, go to the source, then click to expand the image, full size, then roll your mouse finger tip wheel, and get even more zoom?