Friday, December 28, 2018

Bob Doucette has four grown children. The youngest two, who are 38 and 42, have never seen his Corvette driven because it has been parked since before they were born.

In 1968, this car was advertised for $600, not exactly cheap for what it was, but not expensive either.

Although a graduation present for the son, the 1955 delighted the father, as well. Bob drove the Corvette 60 miles home to a small town in West Texas, and over that summer he and his father got the car ready for Bob to drive.

The 1955 was not a creampuff. The numbers-matching V-8 was gone, replaced with a 283 bored to 301 cubic inches and further hot rodded with a Duntov cam. The amateur restoration had stalled out, which explains missing trim on the sides, front, and stone guards over both headlights.

His college ride was a ’66 Caprice two-door, but Bob drove his Corvette in the dual-use manner that Chevrolet intended, for street and track. He also joined a local Corvette club and participated in many shows throughout the next 9-10 years.

Then the car was stored as other life events occured and has spent the last 20 years in this, his father's, garage at the house Doucette was brought home from the hospital in — Doucette wanted to keep the car close to home, and became increasingly more nervous about the car over the years, going so far as boarding up the windows of the garage to keep people from being able to look in and see it.

Bob still derives enjoyment from owning the 1955, and is “comfortable” the car is “safe and out of the weather.” He also takes pride not to have “relinquished it and felt remorse selling,” as he has done with other vehicles over the years.

Finally though, family started asking about it, and he mentions in the video that they wouldn't have any attachment to the car like he does unless they get some seat time in it, and now that he's retired, it's finally time to get it out, get it running, and let the family enjoy it.

He has grandkids that are approaching prom days and have “expressed real interest to be delivered to the prom in the 1955 Corvette.”

this is a long, horribly editted video, and they don't start pushing it out of the garage until the 12:30 point.

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