Sunday, November 04, 2018

this year the scwhag at SEMA was pretty good.

no nerf footballs and soccer balls, no frisbee this year, but a lot more squishy things for stress relief and goofing off at work

3 hats this year, (the other is in my car) and 4 sunglasses (one in the car) 3 mouse pads this year

and this year there were some pretty cool odd things, like the magnifying glass below, and the calculator, and the red and blue things are hot or or pads. 3M gave out really nice tire pressure gauges, and a couple places gave cell phone battery chargers. The crystal that looks like a diamond is mighty impressive, and I think it's a prism for putting in a window and getting it to light up a room with rainbows.

last years:

if you wonder about all this schwag, it's free stuff that they give away to get you to step into their booth so they can talk you into buying whatever they are trying to advertise and sell.

For example, the cow from Katzkin, a leather seat upholstery company, had a long running theme with a squeeze cow, last year because Halloween happened in the middle of SEMA they made the cow "Frankensteer" I think they said. It was a cute Frankenstein looking green headed bolt necked cow.

Anyway, this is how they gave it away this year:

and most companies brought less free stuff... Snap On had a cool little pocket screw driver with a flip insert, but were out by Thursday and put up a sign, as they'd predicted by making the sign that they would be bringing a lot less supply than there would be people wanting to get a freebie

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