Tuesday, November 06, 2018

the 2nd owner of this GT500KR was worried about people bothering him to sell it to them, so he kept it stored away for 42 years and rarely ever enjoyed it... then he died. 21,990 miles.

This New Jersey-based 1968 Shelby GT500 KR “survivor” was discovered in a social media post after its owner, Art Winner, had passed away.

after only a few years of sparingly using it, someone rear ended it and damaging the rear panel. So, he parked it in his barn, and got a 427 Mustang GT for driving.

The Shelby stayed in the barn for many years until some of the land that was part of the farm was taken over by the township. As a result of that land grab a storage building was erected at his house, at which point the car was moved there. It was rolled into that building and rarely saw the light of day. As evidenced by the inspection sticker on the window that dates to 1995, it wasn’t a complete derelict that was abandoned. Art was always worried that people knew that he had the car, and that secrecy is evident, as some of his family members actually don’t recall ever seeing him drive it.

The last time he drove it was 1995


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