Sunday, November 04, 2018

The Absorber / Clean Cloth booth this year was on point..... great sod, great tree, great car, and the machines to make the rain and bird poop were rigged and ready

If you look above the hood, you'll see the crow in the tree, and it's got a hose from the trunk of the tree to the bird that drops green goo, that plops on the car, simulating a bird crapping on your car.

The various products that this company makes are then used to clean the car off, demonstrating how well they work, and how nice your car will look after using these various wipes, cleaning cloths, etc.

Also in the tree branches are lights that flicker and speakers that make a thunder sound, and these happen when a button is pushed to make the sprinklers in the branches drop a bit of "rain" onto the car, and then of course, the various products are used to make the car clean and dry again.

here are some of the things they make

a real campground grill and charcoal

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