Monday, November 05, 2018

A hell of a lot of Neil Armstrong's belongings were auctioned off by his kids, and they made 7.4 million dollars

the item that sold for the highest price, $468,500, at Saturday’s auction was Armstrong’s spacecraft ID plate from Apollo 11’s lunar module Eagle.

A fragment from the propeller and a section of the wing from the Wright brothers’ Flyer, the first heavier-than-air self-powered aircraft, each sold for $275,000.

A USA flag that traveled on board Apollo 11 during the lunar mission, was estimated to fetch $75,000. A spacecraft identification plate from the Eagle lunar module was expected to sell for a similar sum, while personal items such as a Boy Scout cap (Armstrong became an Eagle Scout at age 17) were also included in the 2000 items auctioned

the helmet in the above photo is John Glenn's, and was in a separate auction, by the same auction company

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