Thursday, November 09, 2017

uh oh... Texas is mis-stepping. The state of Texas has begun revoking titles and registrations for dune buggies and rebodied kit cars

due to the adoption of Texas Administrative Rule 217.3 (6), any dune buggy, sandrail, or rebodied kit car is not allowed to be titled and plated as a roadworthy vehicle.

has it from Hemmings:  that in 2015, the state DMV adopted the Administrative Rule 217.3 (6), which explicitly made any vehicle “designed or determined by the department to be a dune buggy” ineligible for title “regardless of the vehicle’s previous title and/or registration.”

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  1. Its a worrying development. I'm a buggy owner, but I can see how Rat Rods would be an easy target, then Hot Rods, then just anything a bit old.....