Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Michael Caine, a few interesting facts

Did the character voice in Cars 2 because he realized his grandkids wouldn't see him in any movie until after they were 18

He had never done voice work before that, nor ever watched a movie in 3d

Never learned to drive, as he grew up in London, during WW2, and there just weren't many cars around... and the public transport is very good in London. He says he didn't even know any one that owned a car until he was 25.

When he finally could afford a car, bought a Rolls, because it was "flash" and then was driven around as his insurance company refused to let him take a driving test in that Rolls they were insuring.

He finally took a driving test in California, and only passed because the instructor was a fan

and on his goals: “Every major city has banned me from using their public transit system except Melbourne, Australia. I have no idea what their breaking point is, but mark my words, I will fucking find it.”


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